Most Dangerous Places to Travel to Right Now

Today traveling is very easy, because you can just get on a plane and go where ever you want, usually without having to spend a very long time on the road. But even though it is easy to get to where you want to go, it doesn’t mean that it always is safe, because there are many places in the world that are dangerous especially for tourists. So you don’t endanger your life and don’t end up in a place that is not welcoming towards travelers, lets took at a list of the most dangerous places to travel to right now.

Turkey is still a very popular tourist destination, because it offers amazing resorts and exotic culture that you can explore. However in regent years Turkey has become a quite dangerous place for tourists to be in, even if you are staying in seemingly safe and guarded place like a resort or a hotel. The main reason why Turkey is dangerous is its high terrorism treat. There have been multiple terrorist attacks in Turkey and its capital Istanbul as of late, in which people have been killed, so maybe rethink going to Turkey, or at least avoid the area of Turkey that boarders with Syria.


Along with Turkey, Tunisia, too, is deemed quite dangerous for tourists to travel to. In July of 2015, during the peak tourist season in the country, there were two attacks on beloved tourist Hotels in Tunisia, in which 38 tourists were killed. Moreover Tunisia also borders with suck countries as Libya and Algeria, which also are dangerous to be in. So it is safe to say that you should avoid going to Tunisia for your next vacation and rather choose vacation is a more peaceful country.


Egypt is a very beloved tourist destination being the home of pyramids and such, but many advise against going to Egypt right now. There have been many tourist attacks as well as terrorist attacks in Egypt, and since the terrorism threat is very high in Egypt, you should really thing before booking a flight to go see one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.


And lastly Mindanao, a island in The Philippines is also not recommended for travel. Even though this island is famous for its beaches and also is a favorite diving site for many, it also suffers from military and insurgent group conflicts, that can end badly for tourists. In fact there have been multiple cases of tourist kidnappings and terrorism, in which foreign nationals have been killed or wounded, as well as cases of jail sentences for western nationals violating even very small local laws. So if you want a peaceful and safe vacation, don’t choose Mindanao as your destination.

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