Most Popular Travel Destinations Right Now

Traveling is probably the best way not only how to see new places and learn about new cultures, but also a way to get new experiences and a lifetime of memories. And although you can travel virtually to any place in the world, there are some places that get more tourist attention than others, and these places could be called the most popular travel destination.

1. France


France has always been a hugely popular travel destination for people from all over the world and in 2015 France was the most tourist visited country with over 80 million visitors in a years span. France is a great travel destination because the City of Light and Love Paris is located there with Eiffel Tower and Louvre being in this city. But don’t fret if you like a bit more remote places, because France offers great destinations outside of Paris, too, like French castles which offer beautiful architecture, history and romantic atmosphere all without the hustle of the city.

2. United States of America


The second spot in the list of most tourist visited places in the world is USA with an estimate of over 75 million people going to look at this famous country. It really isn’t a surprise, because America has always been on the forefront of the list of most popular tourist countries. In the US you can experience everything you can imagine and probably then some, since it is The Land of Opportunities with humongous cities and small towns, hot deserts and green forests, canyons and mountains, and so much more.

3. Spain


For the third place of the 2015’s most visited places we are returning to Europe and now talking about Spain, the country of bullfighting, flamenco dancing and siesta. It is estimated that about 68 million people visited Spain last year alone, with Catalan capital and second largest city in Spain Barcelona being the most visited place in Spain. In Spain you will find amazing cuisine, history that spans many centuries, vibrant culture and beautiful architecture. What more can traveler want.

4. China


The fourth place on this list belongs to china with almost 57 million visitors spending their vacation in one of the many Chinese provinces. China is rich not only with historical and geographical sights but also with culture and traditions, that anybody should experience at least one in their life. China is names as one of the original cradles of human civilization and now is becoming one of the biggest economies in the world, the old and the new crosses and you get the vibrant China.

5. Italy


And from Asia back to Europe, the fifth most popular travel destination in the world is Italy with welcoming over 48 million visitors last year. Many associate Italy with Pizza, Pasta, Rome and the Pisa tower, but there is so much more to this European country. Yes, the culinary heritage in Italy is very strong, but so is the history and culture there. You can either go to the famous Coliseum in Rome, visit Vatican, of head to the romantic Venice, but those who enjoy more relaxed vacation can go to one of the many beaches in Italy or visit Italy’s country side and get some piece and quiet there.

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Mistakes to Avoid When Booking a Flight

Traveling by plane nowadays is the quickest way you can go from one place to another, as well as one of the comfiest ways to travel, because it is fairly quick and there are most basic amenities like food, restroom and entertainment on board of a plane. But if you have never traveled by plane or do it so rarely that each time feels like the first, then you should know a couple of things you can do when you are booking your flight, that can save you money as well as make your travel more pleasurable.

Booking your flight too early or too late

Booking your flight

Probably the most common mistake I see people making while booking their flights is doing it too early or too late and that way paying way more for their ticket or looking other benefits they might have had if they booked the flight at the right time. Generally for international flights it is recommended that you book your flight about 60 from the time you wish to travel . If you book earlier than that there is a big chance that the airline will still have hopes of filling the plane and therefore they will have higher fees for those flights. But also don’t book your flights too late. The worst thing you can do is book your international flight for the same day, because it will be very expensive. But last minute bookings a few days or a week before the flight also won’t be great for your wallet. The only time you should book last minute flights are if it is a business trip or if the airline is known to always have special offers for last minute tickets. Any other time, book 2 months in advance and you should score the cheapest flight.

Booking your flight on the wrong day and at the wrong time

Booking flight day

Second mistake when it comes to booking flights is booking it at the wrong day and time. The day of the week you book your flight can vary the price of the ticket a bit (data shows that it is best to book international flights on weekends), but the real money saver will be to book your flights at the right time of the day. Most people usually books their flights during business yours which is from about 9 am. to 5 or 6 pm., which also drives the prices of flights up. So when to book your airfare? During the night hours in the time zone in which the airline is based will probably be best, as then the booking traffic will be the smallest and therefore the prices of the flights can be cheaper, too. And additionally if you have flexible enough schedule and you can fly in the middle of the week instead of the weekend or Monday morning, then go for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday flights, as they usually are cheaper in prices.

Not booking with the airline

Then there is the issue of not booking with the actual airline you will be flying with. Nowadays there are so many different flight booking websites that help you book your flights or provide information about the best possible airfare prices, but if you use one of these sites to actually book your flight, you can end up with paying much more for your flight, as the website will also charge a fee for using its services. On top of that by using this type of company you essentially out your faith in them and hope for the best, so better book tickets directly to avoid any chance of being left at the airport.

Booking flight without using incognito browsing or clearing the cookies

Booking your flight incognito

And lastly you should always use a private or so called incognito tad when you are booking a flight as well as clearing your cookies beforehand. Airline websites actually track the online behavior of their visitors using the cookies our browsers save. And then they use that information to offer us seemingly the best flights for use, which almost never are the cheapest ones. So to limit the chance that the airline isn’t showing you the cheapest flights, clear the cookies or open an incognito widow also know as the privacy mode, so you can be sure that you book the most cost effective flight.

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Travel Packing Tips

Traveling and holidays are fun, because it allows us to enjoy our vacation, see new places and just spend time away from our everyday lives. However, there is one part of traveling that most people hate and it is, you guessed it, packing for the trip. No matter if you are a great packer or your packing practices are notorious among your friends and family, these tips will get you packed in no time and will let you enjoy a more stress free vacation.

Rolling your clothing

Rolling your clothing

Anyone who have ever googled packing tips will probably say that one of the first tips usually is rolling your clothing. Although it might seem as a very small or even a bit ridiculous thing to roll all of your tops, bottoms, jackets and even towels and any other piece of fabric you might have, it actually works and has two main benefits. Firstly, rolled clothing takes up a bit less space, so you can either pack more or just take a smaller suitcase when you are are traveling, which could actually save you money, if you are flying and taking only carry-on instead of additional big suitcase. The second thing about rolling your clothing is that you by rolling the fabric you prevent it from wrinkling as much which can come in hand if you are taking dressier things or just fast-wrinkling clothing with you and are not sure if you will have iron available where you are staying.

Pack as light as possible

pack light

Let me tell you one secret to packing as light as possible that actually works. At least for most people. When you are starting the packing process you should lay all of the items you want to take with you in your luggage on the floor and then go item by item, pick it up and think long and hard if you need to take that item with you. Really ask yourself if you will absolutely need this item during your travels and if the answer is no or I am not sure, then leave it home. Many say to pack for every occasion, but I say to pack for Best case scenario and to pack versatile items that can be used in many different occasions. For example you probably cannot substitute your bathing suit for anything else, but you can leave your thick jacket home if you aren’t going to a really cold place and pack multiple lighter clothing items that can be layered on top of each other to achieve similar effect when the weather gets chillier at night. Or if you thing that there could be a dressy dinner or two that you potentially will have to go to then pack a couple of outfits that can be dressed up or down with simple things like exchanging the shirt or wearing flats instead of sneakers.

Reuse dust bags

Reuse dust bags

There are multiple items from shoes to handbags that often come in or with a dust bag. I know that your first instinct probably is to toss it because you think that you won’t ever use it, but refrain from it, since they are very handy while traveling. You can use them for their original purposes or you can also throw a few of these bags in your luggage to have for things like dirty shoes and dirty clothes, because you do not want your dirty things mixing with your clean ones and making impossible to find something to wear in your suitcase. If you don’t have dust bags the same can be achieved by using those draw-string fabric bags that many times are given out at events and such. But if all else fails and you need to keep your dirty shoes from staining the rest of your clothing, just use a shower-cap to cover the soles of your shoes and you are good to go.

Space out your items

Space out your items

And lastly know how to properly space out the items you are packing. What I mean by this is you should always pack the heaviest items like shoes and toiletries closer to the wheels of your suitcase, as that will make it easier for you to roll your case. Then you can space other items like clothes around the heavies things to have every little space filled. And remember, especially if you are taking multiple pairs of shoes, you can stuff items like socks, bandannas and other smaller items into the shoes, so you can use all of your suitcase space wisely.

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Things You Should Never Pay for While Traveling

Traveling is fun, exciting and just amazing, because there is so much to see and so much to do in the world. Unfortunately, traveling can also get quite expensive if you aren’t careful about what you buy and on what you spend your money. So to travel cheaper and not be that person who returns from traveling completely broke, here are a list of some of the things that you should never pay for while you are traveling, no matter where in the world you are.

One of the main things you should avoid paying for, especially if you are going to multiple places is extra luggage fees. Many times when traveling by plane, bus or train, you will be forced to pay quite large sums of money if you have larger luggage. So make sure you read all of the regulations for the way of transportation you will be traveling with and pack accordingly to those regulations. For most airlines, buss lines and train companies the luggage that you won’t have to pay for will be a carry-on size bad and an additional bad be it a handbag or a backpack, so pack lightly and don’t go crazy on the souvenirs buying rugs or other large things that will require additional baggage. But if you do end up buying larger or heavy items, I would recommend to just send them home to your house or to your friends or family houses, of coarse coordinating with said friends or family beforehand. This way you won’t have to pay extra for luggage and you won’t have to carry those items around, since you will already have your bags that will slow down your travels.

Another essential thing that you shouldn’t pay for is the internet or the WiFi more specifically. Internet nowadays is everywhere, but some of the more popular tourist places offer WiFi for a cost. However, you shouldn’t be paying for it, since there will sure to be a place in near proximity where you can get WiFi for free and use it for however long you want. You can even download a WiFi finder app on your phone and use that to find places where there is free WiFi, so wherever you are, you can use the internet to talk to people back home, find hotels or things to do or just surf the net if you have a minute to spare in between your travels.

ATM fees

And lastly you should also make sure that you aren’t paying ATM fees. ATM fees in foreign countries is a very popular and common thing, and if you don’t think about it or just don’t notice it you can end up loosing up to 3 cents every time you use your card. One way how to resolve this is to have a back account with a bank in the Global ATM network, because they won’t charge you for withdrawing your money from an ATM. Of coarse there are some places where there aren’t even these Global ATM network ATM’s, in which case you will just have to pay the fees, but in more popular tourist places, you will save reasonably large sum of money by keeping track of what type of ATM you are using.

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Summer Traveling Tips

Traveling is something most people love, because it giver people a chance to see new places, meet new people, experience new cultures and to just get away from their everyday lives. However, the traveling process itself can actually be quite stressful and hard, because long plain or bus rides, jet-lag, language barriers and foreign cultures can make it hard to get from one place to another, especially in summer season. Luckily for you I have some summer traveling tips that will sure to make your next trip much easier and way more stress-free.

1. Avoid getting bumped

If you are traveling by plane, especially if you are traveling with friends or family, make sure to make the necessary arrangements to not only get an advanced seat assignment, as passengers with this feature rarely get bumped, but also to check-in online if your airline offers this feature and arrive early. All of these things will make sure that you and your traveling companions will get on your flight and will get to your destination on time.

2. Know your limits and pack light

pack light

Along with that you also should always know the baggage limits your airline or other way of transport has and you should pack as light as you can. This way you will not only avoid paying extra for your baggage which sometimes can get very expensive, but that also will allow you to travel easier, since you won’t have to lug around multiple, overweight bags that are hard to move around.

3. Book well in advanced

Book well in advanced

No matter if you are taking a road-trip or flying to an exotic location, make sure that you book your accommodations well in advance. This will not only provide that the hotel will be cheaper, but it will also make sure that you have a place to stay. During the summer, when it is peak traveling season often hotels and even hostels are full, so if you are relying on luck to have a place to stay everywhere you go, don’t, because this way you can end up sleeping under the stars.

4. Call your credit card company


No matter if you are using credit or debit card, before traveling anywhere outside your country you should make sure that your card is authorized to make purchases in this country. I have heard some horror stories about people who go to foreign countries and cannot use their card to pay for their purchases, because their bank blocked their card for suspicious activity. So don’t lose the ability to pay for all the necessities.

5. Browse privately when booking travel online

Browse privately

Did you know that many travel sights including flight booking sights actually track their visitors and tend to increase the price of their tickets based on what destinations they have searched for previously? Well now you do. So next time you are planning your trip and using the internet to book your tickets, do it using an Incognito window or just clear your cache beforehand, so you get the cheapest prices for your travel.

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