Travel Safety Tips

Weather you are traveling solo or with friends or family and weather it is a business rip or actually your vacation, it is important to stay safe during your travels, especially if you are going to a place where the culture drastically differs from that in your homeland. So to make sure that you come back from your trip in one piece and with all your belongings, make sure you read these travel safety tips and use them.

1. Research, research, research

travel research

Make sure that before you go anywhere, do your research of the places you will be visiting and staying at. That means to not only find the safest accommodation with the most good reviews (this especially apply t those who like to couch-surf or use Airbnb), but also make sure you know the general areas in the city or area you will be in that maybe aren’t that safe to a tourist. This will not only help you with staying safe, but it can also make sure that you know your area a bit better once you actually get there and that you can have better time with your travels, because there will be less of a chance that something bag happens that can dampen your mood.

2. Tell about your itinerary someone back home

Hand writing travel plan in a lined spiral notepad arranged on a map
Hand writing travel plan in a lined spiral notepad arranged on a map

Even if you don’t really yet have a set itinerary, at least give the approximate places and dates when you will be there to someone close to you who stays back home, be it your family member or a close friend. Also try to give the addresses and numbers to the hotels or other accommodations where you will be staying to that person, so in case something goes wrong for you or back home, you can contact each other about what’s happening.

3. Travel insurance is worth it


I can’t stress this enough but even the most basic travel insurance is very important to have for anybody who is going somewhere abroad. You don’t have to go and get an expensive insurance plan, just go fore one of the insurance plans that cost reasonably and that will cover you in case of emergencies including medical, dental emergencies. But if you want to be extra safe you can get an insurance that will also cover lost baggage and trip cancellations, which will great as these things aren’t as uncommon especially traveling for a longer time.

4. Keep some cash but not all in one place

travel with cash

Especially if you are going to a more exotic county I would suggest for you to keep that countries currency on hand, since not everywhere there are ATMs and you cannot pay for everything with a credit card. That being said, don’t keep all of the hard cash on you or in one place. Many travelers have experienced stolen wallets, which means that wherever you are, your cash can be stolen from you. And if that ever happens, then you will be damn glad that you kept a part of that cash in other place and not all o it in your wallet.

5. Know all the important numbers

phone numbers on paper

And lastly make sure you have a hard copy of all the essential numbers you need to have. I am talking about the numbers of your countries embassy that is closest to you as well as the number of the hotel or other accommodations you are staying and some local emergency numbers, because in this case even if your phone or laptop where you are keeping these numbers are stolen, you still have them at arms reach, ready to use.

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Summer Traveling Tips

Traveling is something most people love, because it giver people a chance to see new places, meet new people, experience new cultures and to just get away from their everyday lives. However, the traveling process itself can actually be quite stressful and hard, because long plain or bus rides, jet-lag, language barriers and foreign cultures can make it hard to get from one place to another, especially in summer season. Luckily for you I have some summer traveling tips that will sure to make your next trip much easier and way more stress-free.

1. Avoid getting bumped

If you are traveling by plane, especially if you are traveling with friends or family, make sure to make the necessary arrangements to not only get an advanced seat assignment, as passengers with this feature rarely get bumped, but also to check-in online if your airline offers this feature and arrive early. All of these things will make sure that you and your traveling companions will get on your flight and will get to your destination on time.

2. Know your limits and pack light

pack light

Along with that you also should always know the baggage limits your airline or other way of transport has and you should pack as light as you can. This way you will not only avoid paying extra for your baggage which sometimes can get very expensive, but that also will allow you to travel easier, since you won’t have to lug around multiple, overweight bags that are hard to move around.

3. Book well in advanced

Book well in advanced

No matter if you are taking a road-trip or flying to an exotic location, make sure that you book your accommodations well in advance. This will not only provide that the hotel will be cheaper, but it will also make sure that you have a place to stay. During the summer, when it is peak traveling season often hotels and even hostels are full, so if you are relying on luck to have a place to stay everywhere you go, don’t, because this way you can end up sleeping under the stars.

4. Call your credit card company


No matter if you are using credit or debit card, before traveling anywhere outside your country you should make sure that your card is authorized to make purchases in this country. I have heard some horror stories about people who go to foreign countries and cannot use their card to pay for their purchases, because their bank blocked their card for suspicious activity. So don’t lose the ability to pay for all the necessities.

5. Browse privately when booking travel online

Browse privately

Did you know that many travel sights including flight booking sights actually track their visitors and tend to increase the price of their tickets based on what destinations they have searched for previously? Well now you do. So next time you are planning your trip and using the internet to book your tickets, do it using an Incognito window or just clear your cache beforehand, so you get the cheapest prices for your travel.

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