Most Popular Travel Destinations Right Now

Traveling is probably the best way not only how to see new places and learn about new cultures, but also a way to get new experiences and a lifetime of memories. And although you can travel virtually to any place in the world, there are some places that get more tourist attention than others, and these places could be called the most popular travel destination.

1. France


France has always been a hugely popular travel destination for people from all over the world and in 2015 France was the most tourist visited country with over 80 million visitors in a years span. France is a great travel destination because the City of Light and Love Paris is located there with Eiffel Tower and Louvre being in this city. But don’t fret if you like a bit more remote places, because France offers great destinations outside of Paris, too, like French castles which offer beautiful architecture, history and romantic atmosphere all without the hustle of the city.

2. United States of America


The second spot in the list of most tourist visited places in the world is USA with an estimate of over 75 million people going to look at this famous country. It really isn’t a surprise, because America has always been on the forefront of the list of most popular tourist countries. In the US you can experience everything you can imagine and probably then some, since it is The Land of Opportunities with humongous cities and small towns, hot deserts and green forests, canyons and mountains, and so much more.

3. Spain


For the third place of the 2015’s most visited places we are returning to Europe and now talking about Spain, the country of bullfighting, flamenco dancing and siesta. It is estimated that about 68 million people visited Spain last year alone, with Catalan capital and second largest city in Spain Barcelona being the most visited place in Spain. In Spain you will find amazing cuisine, history that spans many centuries, vibrant culture and beautiful architecture. What more can traveler want.

4. China


The fourth place on this list belongs to china with almost 57 million visitors spending their vacation in one of the many Chinese provinces. China is rich not only with historical and geographical sights but also with culture and traditions, that anybody should experience at least one in their life. China is names as one of the original cradles of human civilization and now is becoming one of the biggest economies in the world, the old and the new crosses and you get the vibrant China.

5. Italy


And from Asia back to Europe, the fifth most popular travel destination in the world is Italy with welcoming over 48 million visitors last year. Many associate Italy with Pizza, Pasta, Rome and the Pisa tower, but there is so much more to this European country. Yes, the culinary heritage in Italy is very strong, but so is the history and culture there. You can either go to the famous Coliseum in Rome, visit Vatican, of head to the romantic Venice, but those who enjoy more relaxed vacation can go to one of the many beaches in Italy or visit Italy’s country side and get some piece and quiet there.

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