Things You Should Never Pay for While Traveling

Traveling is fun, exciting and just amazing, because there is so much to see and so much to do in the world. Unfortunately, traveling can also get quite expensive if you aren’t careful about what you buy and on what you spend your money. So to travel cheaper and not be that person who returns from traveling completely broke, here are a list of some of the things that you should never pay for while you are traveling, no matter where in the world you are.

One of the main things you should avoid paying for, especially if you are going to multiple places is extra luggage fees. Many times when traveling by plane, bus or train, you will be forced to pay quite large sums of money if you have larger luggage. So make sure you read all of the regulations for the way of transportation you will be traveling with and pack accordingly to those regulations. For most airlines, buss lines and train companies the luggage that you won’t have to pay for will be a carry-on size bad and an additional bad be it a handbag or a backpack, so pack lightly and don’t go crazy on the souvenirs buying rugs or other large things that will require additional baggage. But if you do end up buying larger or heavy items, I would recommend to just send them home to your house or to your friends or family houses, of coarse coordinating with said friends or family beforehand. This way you won’t have to pay extra for luggage and you won’t have to carry those items around, since you will already have your bags that will slow down your travels.

Another essential thing that you shouldn’t pay for is the internet or the WiFi more specifically. Internet nowadays is everywhere, but some of the more popular tourist places offer WiFi for a cost. However, you shouldn’t be paying for it, since there will sure to be a place in near proximity where you can get WiFi for free and use it for however long you want. You can even download a WiFi finder app on your phone and use that to find places where there is free WiFi, so wherever you are, you can use the internet to talk to people back home, find hotels or things to do or just surf the net if you have a minute to spare in between your travels.

ATM fees

And lastly you should also make sure that you aren’t paying ATM fees. ATM fees in foreign countries is a very popular and common thing, and if you don’t think about it or just don’t notice it you can end up loosing up to 3 cents every time you use your card. One way how to resolve this is to have a back account with a bank in the Global ATM network, because they won’t charge you for withdrawing your money from an ATM. Of coarse there are some places where there aren’t even these Global ATM network ATM’s, in which case you will just have to pay the fees, but in more popular tourist places, you will save reasonably large sum of money by keeping track of what type of ATM you are using.

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