Mistakes to Avoid When Booking a Flight

Traveling by plane nowadays is the quickest way you can go from one place to another, as well as one of the comfiest ways to travel, because it is fairly quick and there are most basic amenities like food, restroom and entertainment on board of a plane. But if you have never traveled by plane or do it so rarely that each time feels like the first, then you should know a couple of things you can do when you are booking your flight, that can save you money as well as make your travel more pleasurable.

Booking your flight too early or too late

Booking your flight

Probably the most common mistake I see people making while booking their flights is doing it too early or too late and that way paying way more for their ticket or looking other benefits they might have had if they booked the flight at the right time. Generally for international flights it is recommended that you book your flight about 60 from the time you wish to travel . If you book earlier than that there is a big chance that the airline will still have hopes of filling the plane and therefore they will have higher fees for those flights. But also don’t book your flights too late. The worst thing you can do is book your international flight for the same day, because it will be very expensive. But last minute bookings a few days or a week before the flight also won’t be great for your wallet. The only time you should book last minute flights are if it is a business trip or if the airline is known to always have special offers for last minute tickets. Any other time, book 2 months in advance and you should score the cheapest flight.

Booking your flight on the wrong day and at the wrong time

Booking flight day

Second mistake when it comes to booking flights is booking it at the wrong day and time. The day of the week you book your flight can vary the price of the ticket a bit (data shows that it is best to book international flights on weekends), but the real money saver will be to book your flights at the right time of the day. Most people usually books their flights during business yours which is from about 9 am. to 5 or 6 pm., which also drives the prices of flights up. So when to book your airfare? During the night hours in the time zone in which the airline is based will probably be best, as then the booking traffic will be the smallest and therefore the prices of the flights can be cheaper, too. And additionally if you have flexible enough schedule and you can fly in the middle of the week instead of the weekend or Monday morning, then go for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday flights, as they usually are cheaper in prices.

Not booking with the airline

Then there is the issue of not booking with the actual airline you will be flying with. Nowadays there are so many different flight booking websites that help you book your flights or provide information about the best possible airfare prices, but if you use one of these sites to actually book your flight, you can end up with paying much more for your flight, as the website will also charge a fee for using its services. On top of that by using this type of company you essentially out your faith in them and hope for the best, so better book tickets directly to avoid any chance of being left at the airport.

Booking flight without using incognito browsing or clearing the cookies

Booking your flight incognito

And lastly you should always use a private or so called incognito tad when you are booking a flight as well as clearing your cookies beforehand. Airline websites actually track the online behavior of their visitors using the cookies our browsers save. And then they use that information to offer us seemingly the best flights for use, which almost never are the cheapest ones. So to limit the chance that the airline isn’t showing you the cheapest flights, clear the cookies or open an incognito widow also know as the privacy mode, so you can be sure that you book the most cost effective flight.

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