Guide to Traveling During the Holidays

Traveling by itself can be exhausting, but if you have or want to travel during holidays be it Christmas, New Years, Easter, 4th of July or other widely celebrated holiday, it can and will be even worse. Which is why a lot of people tend to avoid holiday travels as much as possible. But It doesn’t have to be so, because if you follow these simple holiday travel tips, you will survive holody travels.

1. Don’t travel a day before the actual holiday

female traveller texting at airport check-in desk
female traveller texting at airport check-in desk

If it is necessary for you to travel around the holidays, chose any day except the one before the actual holiday. The same goes if a long weekend is possible thanks to a holiday, don’t travel right before this long weekend as well as on the last day of it or day after it. These usually are the peak travel dates when everybody are going somewhere. Better chose to travel either a couple of days prior or after the holidays or even on the day of the holiday, since most people don’t want to travel on a holiday and want to be in their destination on it and also a lot of people cannot afford missing school or work so they travel right before and right after holidays. Bonus, a lot of airlines even offer airfare deals on the day of a holiday, so you can get a cheaper flight and travel without a fuss.

2. Alternative airports are key

If you don’t have the option of traveling on less busy dates, research other airports near you. Usually the bigger airports are always busy during holidays, but the smaller ones are less busy and therefore will not only have less people but will also allow for easier parking and other scores. Sometimes you can even save money by driving to a smaller airport and flying from there. Just remember, that these smaller airports also offer less flights, so you should make sure to not miss your flight, as the next one could be only the next day. These alternative airports are also much much cheaper than the hubs that everyone uses.

3. Know the best travel times

best time to travel

And lastly I would recommend to travel either very early in the morning or late at night, as at these times there will be less people traveling, or at least less families with small that can get very annoying on long flights. That is because people tend to travel more either during the day or in early evenings, as then the traveling doesn’t require having to wake up very early or going to the airport late at night. The only thing about early morning and late night flights is that the staff might not yet or anymore be in full composition, which can cause some delays at things like check-ins and shuttle buses, so make sure you get to the airport early enough to make your flight even if there are delays at personnel-dependent before flight processes.

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