Why do people shop?

Attend your local mall this weekend, and you will see just how many people for whom shopping is a much loved pastime. But why do so many people choose to spend their free time partaking in this activity instead of the many other – seemingly cheaper and more enjoyable – things to be done out there? Read on as attempt to answer the question ‘why do people shop?’

Shopping is interesting

New and innovative products are coming onto the market all the time. That is why it can be so interesting to hit the shop windows: to see what new ideas people have come up with, how new products combine different aspects of older ones, and so on. Even if you don’t buy anything, shopping allows you to be a witness to man’s creativity and imagination (miglior rasoio elettrico).

Shopping can be relaxing and ease stress

Browsing through the shop windows of your local mall at your leisure on a Sunday afternoon can help you relax and take your mind off your many worries. Studies show that the odd impulse purchase of some shiny, new toy can help reduce pent up stress as well – just make sure you don’t do it too often, or your next credit card statement might induce a nervous breakdown!

Shopping is a good social activity

Shopping provides an excuse for two or more people to come together and enjoy each other’s shared company. Of course one can go out shopping with another so that the two of you can give each other advice on what products to buy – but it is just as possible to wonder through your town’s shopping precinct without talking a word about anything shopping-related – and just enjoying an outing with friends. Shopping also creates and renews social bonds between customers and vendors: for example, shopping at a local mum and pop store instead of a major global chain helps to create a greater sense of community in your neighborhood. Shopping regularly at these stores also shows your loyalty and goodwill to the local business owners.

Shopping and social status

Many people’s reasons for going shopping are somewhat less noble than this – though just as understandable. The clothes you ware, the car you drive, the homewares you furnish your living quarters with – all of these say a lot about you as a person and your place in society. Hence many people go shopping in order to manipulate the way they are viewed by others, and to enhance their social status.

Shopping can be addictive!

Finally, shopping for many is like a drug, in which the temporary shot of happiness acquired from buying some novel new toy becomes addictive and keeps them coming back again and again for another ‘fix’. The glitz and glamor of certain store layouts, the magical power of particular brand names; even just checking out what exciting news deals are on offer at different shops – all of these make shopping an intoxicating experience for many, and one which they can’t easily escape from.

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